Rotten Creatures

Published by RPorotos on Sat, 03/28/2020 - 02:17
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Rotten Creatures adds 8 simple types/variants of zombies and a few features to your minecraft world. 
Available for Minecraft 1.14.4 and 1.15.2


Available on Curseforge

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for all the support guys, I really appreciate it! :)


Frostbitten BannerCold Images

  • Drops: 1-2 Frozen Rotten Flesh, 1 iron_ingot, 1 potato or 1 carrot.
  • Spawn: Snow Biomes. His baby form can rarely spawn with a chance of 2.5%
  • Extra Info:
    • Frostbitten applies Freeze Effect when he hits a player. If the player has this effect, they will not be able to move, jump and even open the inventory. (effect duration depends on difficulty)
    • The Mob has permanent Frost Walk Enchant, so he can walk in the water.
    • Burned is the nemesis of Frostbitten.
    • Freeze Effect es a new effect added by this mod. 

Undead Miner Banner

Miner Images

  • There is 3 variants of Undead Miner: Rank C (Stone Pickaxe), Rank B (Iron Pickaxe), Rank A (Diamond Pickaxe) and Rank M (Golden Pickaxe).
  • Drops: His drops are different by Rank.
    • Rank C: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal.
    • Rank B: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Gold Ore, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal.
    • Rank A: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Diamond or 2-5 Gold Ore, 2 Iron Ore, 3 Coal.
    • Rank M: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Gold Ingot, 1-2 Gold Ore.
    • All Ranks have a extremely rarely chance to drop their pickaxe.
  • Spawn: 
    • Rank A-B-C: Only in Undergrounds (Caves). The most common spawn is the Rank C Miner and the most uncommon is the Rank A.
    • Rank M: Only in Badland biomes. Also he can spawn rarely above the underground. You can use a spawn egg in badland biomes to see him.

Swampy bannerMarshied Images

  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Brown Dye (rare).
  • Spawn: Swamp Biomes. His baby form can rarely spawn with a chance of 2.5%
  • Extra Info:
    • Swampy applies Blindness and Poison at the same time when he hits a player. (effect duration depends on difficulty)
    • If this mob dies, he has a 80% chance to drop a small cloud effect area with poison II.

Burned Banner

Burned Images

  • Drops: 1-2 Infernal Rotten Flesh, 1 Magma Block, 1 Magma Cream (super rare). Obsidian Burned has chance to drop obsidian.
  • Spawn: All the Nether. His crazy form can rarely spawn with a chance of 2.5%
  • Extra Info:
    • Burned can set on fire a player when he hits them. (fire duration depends on difficulty)
    • If this Mob touch the water, he turns into a Obsidian Burned.
    • When Burned has low health, his strengh and speed increases, , he also gains knockback resistance.
    • He emits light.
    • His crazy form has permanent knockback resistance.
    • Rain doesn't seems good to Burned.
    • Cold is his nemesis.
    • Normal Zombies now has a low chance to transform into Burned when they die in lava.

Eskimo Banner

Eskimo Images

  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Leather, 1-2 Raw Cod or 1 Cooked Cod.
  • Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Snow Biomes. His wolf has 50% chance to spawn near him. His variant with a Spear has 40% chance to appear.
  • Extra Info:
    • He applies Slowness II when he hits a player. (effect duration depends on difficulty)
    • If you punch it, he has a chance to drop a Raw Cod. Every hit counts, even with other things.
    • Rotten Eskimo with a Spear has more range attack and applies knockback. However, he doesn't have slowness effect.

Mummy BannerMummy Images

  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Paper, 2-4 golden nuggets or 1 gold ingot.
  • Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Desert Biomes. His variant (Ancient Mummy) has 35% chance to appear.
  • Extra Info:
    • Mummy applies Hunger III when he hits a player. (effect duration depends on difficulty)
    • When he is tracking a entity, he has a rare chance to spawn a beetle.
    • If this mob dies, 2 or 3 beetles spawns.
    • Ancient Mummy can summon Flying Beetles instead of Normal Beetles.
  • Future Plans: Only spawn in Desert Pyramid.

Dead Beard BannerDead Beard Images

  • Drops: The same loot table of the Shipwreck chests, 1-2 Rotten Flesh and 1 Treasure Chest. If he died with a TNT Barrel, he can drop that block.
  • Spawn: Beach Biomes. (Extremely Rare).
  • Extra Info:
    • He has Knockback Resistance.
    • If this zombie moves, he has a chance to spawn Zombie Pirates or Skeleton Pirates.
    • When Dead Beard has low health, he takes out a tnt barrel and he will explode in 5 seconds. If he explodes, the drops don't appear.
    • Zombie Pirates and Skeleton Pirates disappear after 30 seconds.
  • Future Plans: Only spawn in Shipwreck or Custom Ship.

Immortal banner

Immortal info

  • Drops: 
    • Normal Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Bones.
    • During Thunderstorm: 100% chance to drop a Trident with: Channeling I, Riptide I or without enchantment.
    • Without Thunderstorm: 10% chance to drop a normal Trident.
  • Spawn: All the overworld during Thunderstorm. (Extremely Rare).
    • Except in biomes such as:
      • Desert.
      • Badlands.

      • Snow.

  • Extra Info:
    • He applies Channelled Effect  when he hits a player.
    • If lightning strikes him, his life is restored.
    • He can infect/convert zombies. (Zombie turns into Zap, the new entity offspring of Immortal).
    • When he has low health, different lightning bolt appear near him and his speed increases.
    • Immortal moves randomly when hit.
    • He can perform a "dash attack". When this attack ends, his life is restored.
    •  If the thunderstorm is no longer available, Immortal loses all his "powers" and red particles appears on him...

And much more...

If you wanna see more information about this mod, see the curseforge page. Click here to go.


Mod Compatibility

Config File

  • This is my first mod, so there are probably some bugs I go to fix it in the future, that's why I put this in Beta.
  • 1.12.2 version coming soon.
  • Now I will focus only in 1.15.2 and 1.12.2 versions.


If you find a bug/glitch or have any idea for this mod, I don't have problem if you tell or suggest me.

All the models, textures, renders and images are made by me(RPorotos).

Models are made with Blockbench.

Immortal Sounds are from L4D2 TANK.

Immortal Healing Sound - Original sound made by juancamiloorjuela.

Modification files
RottenCreatures-1.14.4-0.9.5.jar - Rotten Creatures Mod - 0.9.5 Version - Config File, a completely different Immortal and more...1.66 MB
RottenCreatures-1.14.4-0.9.7.jar - Rotten Creatures Mod - 0.9.7 Version - Mod compatibility, New Items/Blocks and more...1.78 MB
RottenCreatures-1.15.2-0.9.7.jar - Rotten Creatures Mod - 0.9.7 Version - Now in 1.15.2!1.78 MB

Differences from Rotten Creatures 0.9.7 (1.14.4):

  • Added glowing texture to Burned.
  • Burned has knockback resistance if he has low health. However, his crazy form has permanent knockback resistance.
  • Mobs can apply effects on other mobs and not just the player.
  • Changed spawn parameters from Undead Miner.

Everything else stays the same 


Changelog [0.9.7]:

  • Big Features:
    • Added Mod compatibility: Biomes O Plenty, Transverse and Wildnature.
    • Changed Loot Parameters: Loot Tables are added to their specific mob and Looting enchant works on Rotten Creatures Mobs.
    • Solved server advice from natural entity spawn: "Tried to add entity. But it was marked as removed already". However this message only appear if you use a spawn egg.


  • Little Features:
    • New Items/Blocks added: Frozen Rotten Flesh, Infernal Rotten Flesh, Treasure Chest and TNT Barrel.
    • Added new Mummy Variant: The Ancient Mummy can summon flying beetles.
    • Added new entity: Flying Beetle.
    • Added new variant from Undead Miner: The Rank M only spawn in Badland biomes and he can drop gold items.
    • Added Spanish lenguage.
    • Some textures fix.
    • Buffed some drops.


This may be the last version available for 1.14.4. I want to move on other Minecraft versions (like 1.15.2 and 1.12.2).


Changelog [0.9.5]:

  • Big Features:
    • New addition: The Config File. Now is possible to change the spawn rate of mobs.
    • Immortal has completely changed:
      • He applies Channelled Effect  when he hits a player.
      • If lightning strikes him, his life is restored.
      • He can infect/convert zombies.
      • Immortal moves randomly when hit.
      • He can perform a "dash attack". When this attack ends, his life is restored.
      • His drops are completely changed (see description).


  • Little Features:
    • New Effect added: Channelled.
    • New Entity added: Zap. An offspring of Immortal.
    • Some mobs names are changed: 
      • Cold --> Frostbitten.
      • Marshied --> Swampy.
      • Unsoul Miner --> Undead Miner.
      • Inmortal --> Immortal
    • New drops added:
      • Swampy --> Brown dye.
      • Burned --> Magma Cream.
      • Mummy (nerf) --> 4 or 5 golden nuggets instead the gold ingot.
    • Some mobs spawn rate changed.
    • Dead Beard's parameters changed.


Changelog [0.9.3]:

  • Added new variant to Rotten Eskimo. 
  • Removed spawners of Eskimo's Wolf that appeared in dungeons.
  • Fixed Spawn Eggs from Rotten Eskimo and Dead Beard, now you can spawn them under y=60.
  • Changed the textures from Crazy Burned and Obsidian Burned.
  • Buffed spawnrate from Mummy and Rotten Eskimo.
  • The chance of items drops on death from Rotten Eskimo increased.
  • Movement of Obsidian Burned slightly increased.


Changelog [0.9.2]:

  • Removed spawners of Mummy, Burned, Inmortal and Eskimo that appeared in dungeons.
  • Fixed User burning by sunlight to Zombification Effect.
  • Buffed Burned fire attack duration.
  • Some fixes of water/lava interaction.
  • Dead Beard moves a bit slow now when he call for help.
  • Update Checker has been added to this mod. Now the mod notificate you when a new update is upload in the "mod" option.

Wow this mod page is really well done, also I love the concept and models! Hope you continue to update :D

Wow! This needs to be MOTW!! The quality of the renders and models is incredible!

It's probably the best creature mod I have ever seen in Mcreator:D

Wow, awesome logo and description! I like the textures and the ideas too! You should definitely consider submitting this mod for MOTW (Mod Of The Week)! :D

Incredible models and textures! How did you make the pirate hold the barrel?