More Dimension, Biome Settings

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Addition For Biome

  • Custom Ambient Sounds Plays Randomly From Custom Sound List With Custom Play Rate (Like 10Sec~40~sec one random sounds from list, 1min~5min Plays one random sound from list) (Example (Warped Forest))
    Also Option to Disable Musics in case someone wants to play only  ambient sounds in Custom Biomes
    Also Options to Use Custom Musics in biome, Like New 1.16 Snapshot New Biomes has their own musics
  • Custom Terrain Generations (Like 1.12.2 Customize World Settings)
    Example , Took From Minecraft wiki customized world
  •  Custom Particles In Biome (Like 1.16 Snapshot New Biomes in nether)
    (or maybe add Particles Generator for custom motion of Particle)
  • Option to Use Custom Structure For trees And Structure Lists for Variations 
    (Or add Tree Generator To use in Biome settings,)
    Tree Generator (May can done in Structure Generator, But it isnt enough for trees)
    Options How Tree Group Dense or Spread
    (in value (ex. density: 0~100)  (Spread Makes Tree Everywere, Dense Makes tree is on Several Groups it makes No-Tree area and Densed Tree area)

    Use Custom Structure For trees And Structure Lists for Variations

    Offsets For Tree (makes tree float or In ground)

    Also Plants Generator Should Have Dense or Spread System


  • add Dirt Blocks (optional) in Filler Block settings (Like Grass, Dirt, Stone,)




Addition For Dimension

  • Option to Generate Custom Structure When Entered The Dimension  (Example Minecraft The End has Obsidian Floor on When Entered)
    Also Option to Generate Custom Structure Only on First Join
  • Custom Portal Shape, 
    - also Ability to Decide Make portal Vertical or Horizontal (like Nether portal and End Portal)
  •  Custom Terrain Generation settings For All Biomes In The Dimension (Optional) 
    It overrides Every Biome Terrains And Generate Custom Terrain For all biomes 
    or Decide  Custom Terrain For Specific  Biome in The Dimension
  • Custom Sun And Moon, And SkyBox Textures (Possibly Every Sky Related Textures)


  •  Custom Loading Screen Of Dimension 


  •   Maybe A Custom Gravity? (Like galacticraft mod)


  •  Options to Overide Biome Musics or Ambient Sounds With Settings in the Dimensions
  •  More Filler Blocks Options (Grass, Dirt, Stone,) 
    Ability To use filler blocks for every world gen type (if possible)
  • Options to use Custom Color Accent of all Blocks (Like 2020 Minecraft april fool Dimension update that adds Dimension with random color accent on blocks)


Im Sorry if features i suggested are already suggested or existed 

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And as you suspected, most of them are planned one way or another or possible.

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