Creating a new workspace always fails.

Issue description


Every time i create a new project it just fails the setting up process, i was having this problem on 2020.3, i came here to post about it and saw 2020.4 was released so i tried it out hoping it would be fixed but it is not. while setting up, it gets a check mark on the first one, the second one (dameons thingy step) gets an exclamation mark, then the third loads for a few minutes then i get the failed error, so i copied the logs and here they are:

how could i fix this? I am on MacOS btw.



Issue comments

  1. Caused

  2. by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Timeout of 120000 reached waiting for

  3. exclusive access to file:

  4. /Users/Jason/.mcreator/gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-4.10.3-bin/31t79e2qsceia4mkbojplrgx/

Reboot your mac before making a new workspace.

Also, The solution to this problem and many other problems can be found in our knowledge base: Please check the knowledge base before opening a new topic on the issue which has a known fix.

hello, i rebooted my Mac and tried again and still with the same issue

This is the new log

also i did try the knowledge base solutions which is why i created this post. but the one about deleting caches i didn't try as i do not know where to find my gradle folder on mac i looked everywhere (in library, user home, documents, app package contents etc)


  2. Read timed out

Slow internet or something blocking MCreator from accessing it.

  • Firewall or antivirus blocking MCreator
  • Slow internet connection
  • Your ISP blocking certain websites
  • Too slow VPN or VPN with blocked domains that MCreator needs to access
  • Any other software blocking access to download repository

The most common errors from Gradle are caused by firewalls or antivirus software. If you have any issues, we recommend you to temporarily turn off this software and try again. If this works, add MCreator as an exception to your firewall or antivirus or reconfigure the software properly to not block programs such as MCreator.

It can also happen that the servers from which Gradle downloads files (Minecraft servers, Minecraft Forge repo, Maven repository) are down and you might just need to try again later in such cases.

In some cases of unstable or slow connections, running the setup multiple times and when it fails with errors related to the internet connection (timeout errors, failed to connect, failed to GET, HEAD, ...) clicking re-run the setup multiple times resolves the issue as eventually, all files get properly downloaded.

hmm, i think my wifi is pretty fine for it to work, and i tried with and without VPN so that can't be something blocking it, i made sure firewall is not blocking MCreator and i do not have any anti virus. Any other software causing the issue? im not sure do you have any idea what kind of software that can cause that so i can look into it?

nevermind it worked! thanks for the help!

also i realized it was downloading minecraft's assets, i wondered why not copy it from the minecraft directory if its available on the user's computer?

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