Mob Armor+

Submitted by cislabh on Mon, 04/06/2015 - 14:53
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This mod is called Mob Armor+. This mod was made by two people for a school project. It took us 6 months to make. Along the road we have had many crashes and bugs with mcreator. This mod however is not like other mods. It is a mod that goes best by itself. It is made basically to be the only mod installed in a single player vanilla world. It comes with armor from some of the mobs in minecraft. We hope you enjoy our mod and keep checking for fututre updates from us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We want to thank Wes for helping us so much with the questions he answered for us. Without him we wouldn't have been able to make our mod have flying armor, or other things that make our mod more unique. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


For Crafting recipes and more detailed description for each item go to //

**** We want to thank the people of mcreator for making us mod of the week from 4/24 to 5/4 ****


======= Mobs in V1.0 ========





======= Update V1.1=========

-Wither Sword Bug fix

-Slime armor bug fix

-Wonder wand bug fix

-Recognized more bugs that will be fixed in the future


=======Update V1.1.1========

-Ghast Armor bug fix

-Mob Armor bug fix

-Caused bug with creative tab


=======Version 2.0===============

-Pig armor was added

-Added Dimension for each ore

-Website was updated

-We know about pig armor texture bug

-Recognized creative tab bug

-Recognized Global Events bug


======= Upcoming Feataures========

-Blaze armor

-Zombie/rotten armor

-Enderman armor

-Ender Dragon Armor

-Skeleton armor

-Wonder Hoe

-Bosses(One for each creator)

-More Tools

-And more

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In development
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Probably one of the best mods on this website. I can tell whoever made this put a lot of work and time into this. Highly capable to getting mod of the week. 10/10

Best mod ever would mod again 10/10
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