migi creatures

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this mod is an creature and mobs mod he add 15 mob to the game and 7 block and 1 helemt and 2 item 

mobs water_lizard/ letsi/ water_frog /colors_holder /twitsi/murtule/glowing_jelly_fish/migi_fly/molor/urple_squid/tinti/lizard/lizard_king/mansi

items easter egg .this easter egg its an lucky block egg /colors_diamond. its just  a colorized diamond /lizard_king_crown/

blocks migi_brick/colors_diamond_block/and migi planks/migi log/migi fence/migi gate /migi wood

dimension migi world  

Modification files
migi_creatures.jarUploaded on: 01/25/2021 - 14:08   File size: 300.46 KB

in the photos dont use white background, you can improve the description too,
the texture are really flat, i cant really understand what this mod is about...
minions that help you? anyways if you fix these things it can be a good mod.