Arlo's Star Wars mod

Published by Arlo901 on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 00:57
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This is a mod that is in Development I will try to add everything from Star Wars to the game. Please do not just keep commenting you don't have everything from Star Wars or you made this thing look wrong or it doesn't act remember the mod is still in Alpha and I have many things to add and change. The Hoth dimension uses snow to get there and the Endor Dimension uses spruce leaves for their portals.

Modification files
Arlo's Star Wars Mod 0.2.1.jar - This version is still in Alpha and does not have as many features as it will in the furture359.79 KB
Arlo's Star Wars Mod 0.2.2.jar - This Version Of the Mod Is More Survival Friendly468.09 KB

Added Items To And Procedures To Make it more survival friendly

Hello I really would like if you help me out with what I should prioritize adding

Right now I am working on a swamp mod and a doom mod that is why this hasn't been updated.