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Published by elisei121 on Sun, 04/17/2022 - 15:17
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This pack adds a lot of textures with flat color for flexibility with the mcreator features like the noise tool.


=== How to install ===
Download the "download" file and put the texures into the C:\Users\<your username>\.mcreator\templates\textures\texturemaker.

The "Editor" file is more advanced and textures are sorted. you need to open the folders and to take the .png textures you need from the folders and to put it on C:\Users\<your username>\.mcreator\templates\textures\texturemaker .
also there are more types of files with different utility like:
.kra (for editing transparent textures)
.json (block model)
.bbmodel (for edition the block model)
.txt (some usefull information)

=== About ===

All textures are made manually by Cristal (elisei12131) and are free to use. crediting me is totally optional. any texture similar to others is just a coincidence and does not intend to steal content.

Some textures has an .kra version of the file for easy editing with Krita.

Demonstration 1
Demonstration 2

=== Features ===
- Blocks (default bricks, brick's shadows, block patterns etc.)
- Cracks
- Items (tools, gems, metal, etc.)
- Patterns
- Symbols
- And many more

Newest Version: 1.7

you can also suggest any textures ideas.

MIT License

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Not exactly a plugin, but a resources pack. You can bundle this into true plugin and it will be loaded in the templates

Check out this tutorial on plugins:

You can also take a look at the plugin in the MCreator installation folder and in it, navigate to templates/textures/ where you can find different templates for different wizards. If you keep this structure in your plugin, the textures should be added to the correct wizards automatically.