Vampire Legacies Mod

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The Vampire Legacies mod is based on the TV show The Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies. 

Vampires are blood-sucking creatures that burn in the daylight unless you have a ring to protect them. Vampire likes the feed, the kill, and the taste of the blood from their victims. People can turn into a vampire if they died with vampire blood in their system. 

Modification files
VampireLegaciesModv0.01_1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 03/26/2021 - 19:22   File size: 297.49 KB

Currently, there are vampires that you can become in-game

  • added a vampire mob


Let me know of any bugs that I should know about and notify me what I should add in the mod.