Electric Objects Mod

Published by 3nd3rman on Sun, 09/18/2016 - 23:15
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Well, I don’t think this mod is as good as my others, but I tried. This mod adds a few things, and they all have to do with electricity. Here they are:


  • Battery: Used for crafting.

  • Dark Iron Ore: Used to get Dark Iron.

  • Dark Iron: For Machines.

  • Dark Iron Block: A way to store Dark Iron.

  • Radio: Has music notes around it.

  • Computer: Right click to open a browser and go to my user \(<o>)/.

  • Wrench: Does nothing; Just looks good.

  • Computer Base: For Computer

  • Computer Monitor: For Computer.

  • Drill: An epic mining machine.

  • Chainsaw: For attacking trees and people!

  • Robot: Wanders around.
Modification files
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