Dragon Rage 1: Dimensional Crash

Published by 3nd3rman on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 23:36
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Dragon Rage 1
The ender dragon, really hating you, plans to exterminate you by creating new worlds. When you go in, the portal will collapse. Luckily, you went to the End before you went to a new world and destroyed the dragon, so he couldn't destroy you. He could create, but couldn't destroy. Free  to explore, you set off on a journey to the new lands. What will you find?
Welcome to the Dragon Rage 1: Dimensional Crash mod! Dragon Rage is a mod series of a dragon creating things to destroy you. This mod is for dimensions.

⦁    The Prism
⦁    The Shade
⦁    The Sky
⦁    The Mist

⦁    Prism Water
⦁    Prism Stone
⦁    Smooth Prism Stone
⦁    Prism Cobblestone
⦁    Carvable Prism Stone
⦁    Prism Stone Bricks
⦁    Prism Stone Bricks 2
⦁    Chiseled Prism Stone Bricks
⦁    Dark Fluid
⦁    Dark Block
⦁    Grey Block
⦁    Dark Material
⦁    Powered Dark Material
⦁    Dark Bricks
⦁    Chiseled Dark Bricks
⦁    Dark Pillar
⦁    Cloud Block
⦁    Cloud Cobblestone
⦁    Cloud Stone
⦁    Fog
⦁    Cloud Bricks
⦁    Chiseled Cloud Bricks
⦁    Cloud Pillar

⦁    Prism set of tools
⦁    Dark Powered set of tools
⦁    Cloud set of tools
Items and armor:

⦁    Dark Gem
⦁    Prism Armor
⦁    Dark Powered Armor
⦁    Cloud Armor
Portal Gateways:

⦁    Prism Flint
⦁    Dark Orb
⦁    Cloud Puff
⦁    Mist Gateway
That's all! Enjoy the mod!

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In development
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Sounds cool but to get people to download it you need pictures ;)

Submitted by Finn on Fri, 03/31/2017 - 19:24

Nice Idea must i say!