Obsidian Tools 1.7.10

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OBSIDIAN TOOLS ​is a modification where you can finally craft OBSIDIAN! Make your own Obsidian tools! A new Ore named `Obsidian Ore´ comes with this modification. It drops `Obsidian shards´ wich are used to craft the Obsidian tools!

​Have fun with my Mod! If there is any Bug please report it to me!

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Submitted by KodiKodi on Sat, 06/24/2017 - 02:55

Obsidian ore? Why not just obsidian?

Hey, DoktorBumbsblech
I like your mod its a lot different that all the other obsidian tool mods. I like your idea of the shards and ore instead of using the obsidian blocks. but as an over all mark i will have to give it a 7 star rating, this is because i found a ore vain of 15 obsidian ore blocks and to be thats over powered looking at the damage and usage of the tools, and the idea of obsidian tools has been made into a mod so meany times. As a tip to make this better maybe lower the usages of the tools or change the amount of usage the tools do. Other from that the mods idea is great keep it up.
Sighed KOC