Red Ender

Published by dion123445 on Tue, 01/02/2018 - 15:27
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Red Ender


Red EnderPearl:Get it from Ender sand Or Red Ender Ore

Red EnderPearl Armor: is very strong

Digger:Spawn's tnt under the block and blows up the blocks underground

SpeedUpgrade:Lets you run faster if item is in inventory

Plutonium Dust:Get it from Plutonium Ore

Plutonium: Smelt the plutonium dust in a furnace

PlutoniumCan:Use it to make a nuke

Nuke:Blow up your friends base



Coming Soon:Hazmat Suit,Ender Uranium,Teleporter.


*Discontinued* or how u spell it


Modification files - Build KB

you need to make the plutonium radioactive since it's like that in real life