Published by Flufferbat on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 14:12
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This is my first mod, Its basically just one block for now.. A custom Gui "luck type crafter"

So.. What does my mod do???

Well the Gui has 4 slots of which you put one item in each (if you put more you will lose them all) you can use any item in them & its a game of chance..

their are 10 different items you can get including exp bottles, emeralds, redstone, gold dust and I wont say them all as to not spoil it completely..

This is really basic and just me learning about this editor and wanting to make something for a bit of fun for getting rid of rubbish like cobblestone etc (it's interesting cobblestone seems to work better than wool) I'm not sure if thats just random or not? experiment with different combo's of stuff and see for yourself...

{[NOTE: their is a chance you wont get an item at all and also a chance that you might get more than one, this is by design so please if you dont get anything with the first transmute keep trying and don't come back here saying it doesn't work if you haven't tried to transmute allot!! I myself did 10+ tries with wool and got noting but with cobblestone got stuff nearly every go]}

This Item is crafted with (from bottom center up) a cobblestone block = (middle bottom) a eye of ender (middle centre) and a emerald (middle top) with no smelting recipie..

I will Probably add a few more of these types of blocks soon.. maybe.. lol.. If i get some good feedback then I will have more of a reason so don't be shy if you actually like it lol..


Also NOTE: that I did not run any other mods with this so I'm un aware of any conflicts and I haven't had any crashes as yet but please do notify me of anything like that and feel free to do that here I don't have a GIT and yea I actually most likely wont beable to fix anything like that but if you know how feel free to tell me what you want me to do to fix it and I will try..

Hope you enjoy it :P Flufferbat out :D

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Hello! I am going to find out what would happen if I put cobblestone in every slot.

I got gunpowder, a diamond, a golden apple, and an eye of ender from 4 cobblestone