The FazCoinium Mod

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Hey! Welcome to my Fazcoinium Mod!{Name in progress xD} Version is Beta

Supported Mods:

FNAF Mod by greenphx

Raolcraft by Raolthebest


This Mod adds these Items!:


+Deathcoin {40 Attack Damage}[Can be bought with 10 Faz Coins}

+Cupcake {2 Nutration Value}{Can be bought with 15 Faz Coins}

+Dee Dees Fishing Rod{Can be bought with 20 Faz Coins}

+Old Man Consequences Fishing Rod {Can be bought with 30 Faz Coins}


Tile Floor{Crafted with 2 White Concrete and 2 Black!}

Tile Wall{Crafted with 6 Stone and 2 Granite+1Diorite}

Vending Machine {Crafted with 6 Tile Walls and 3 Glass}


Dee Dee


Chop N Roll

tangle,Redbear,White Rabbit


Chicas magic Rainbow,Animdude


Virtua Freddy,Adventure Fredbear!

Xor,Funtime Chica

Pigpatch,Mr.Hippo,Nedd Bear,Happy Frog

Rockstar Freddy,Bonnie,Chica and Foxy

AND LEFTY with Hd Model!


Hope you guys enjoy the Mod!

{Sry for bad english im German}

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Submitted by ZacGames_ on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 18:23

I love the mod and all its content but can you make it have its own tab to make it easier to find