No Longer Unobtainable

Published by TheCornGuy on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 02:34
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Everything is Craftable!

  • Use hardenedclay, redstone blocks,and lava block to make command blocks!
  • Glass and redstone to make barriers
  • Iron bars and spawn egg to make a mob spawner
  • fire charge and blaze powder to make fire
  • water bucket to make water. (same with lava)
  • And So Much More!

Note: Some recipies like fire, lava, water, cocoa pod, portal, and end portal occasionaly make minecraft crash, So be careful!

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Submitted by TheCornGuy on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 02:36

I'll Try To Post all other recipies soon!

Submitted by veljko53 on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 06:58

This will need some kind of tool that breaks everything, because now everyone can block you in your house w/ barriers (if not on server: you misplace the command block and your largest redstone creation in survival is ruined).

Submitted by TheCornGuy on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 16:21

OK, Thanks For the suggestion. I just edited the mod so that It has Bedrock Tools (crafted with bedrock and Blaze rods)

Submitted by IuStrenght on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 16:39

Saddly , the command block is unusable beacuse you can't use command blocks in survival

How could that be changed? I think this mod looks great, but I think the only reason you would really need it is for trolling. I'm sorry that I can't test the mod. I have installed so many mods and I've stopped downloading for a while because its flooding my PC.