Spencerio's Mod Mod (Download from Curse.com page, link below)

Published by Spencerio on Sat, 10/12/2013 - 19:18
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My YouTube channel!: //www.youtube.com/channel/UC-PDnTwFoD5-ooLCRvRBDew

My multi-part mod review!:

Part 1: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j07kzzAEMU

Part 2: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmFSICRnk4c

The mod has been successfully been rewritten for 1.7.2 Forge compatibility by Parker8283! Download it

from curse.com now at //www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/spencerios-mod-mod-loads-stuff . Just

click on the Download button. If you want to download an earlier version, go to the "Other Downloads"

tab at the top of the description. (It's beside "Images")

(Almost) FIRST AND FOREMOST: I would like to ask for some more mod reviews. The reason for this? I want to make my mod more popular!

Requirements for mod review:

See: //mcreator.pylo.si/forum/5452/spencerios-mod-mod-showcases-wanted

Also, when making a showcase/review/modded series (survival, hardcore, ...), please use the latest version of the mod!

Another thing I would like to ask: From now on, it would be very appreciated if you commented on the Minecraft Forums page for the mod, so as to improve popularity. Minecraft Forums page: //www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2067837-164-forge-ssp-spencerios-mod-mod-2500-dls-customizableboss-spawners-craftable-spawn-eggsmusic-discs/

      Hello! This is my first mod and I have big plans for it. My plans are to add 25+ completely new ores, ingots, tool sets, armor sets, and blocks of ore. I also hope to add stuff into all aspects of the game, including new growable plants/foods, GUIs, guns/bows, biomes, dimensions, recipes, blocks, items, etc. This mod is no where near complete. Please report any bugs, and ENJOY!!!

     Also, showcases are wanted! See //mcreator.pylo.si/forum/5452/spencerios-mod-mod-showcases-wanted for info/requirements/parameters.

     The two MCreator pages are: //www.pylo.si/mcreator/modification/4837/spencerios-mod-mod  and //mcreator.pylo.si/modification/4837/spencerios-mod-mod

     The two Curse/CurseForge pages are: //minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/spencerios-mod-mod-loads-stuff/ and //www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/spencerios-mod-mod-loads-stuff

     The Minecraft Forums page: //www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2067837-164-forge-ssp-spencerios-mod-mod-2…

     Credit goes to:

  • MCreator, which is what made this mod possible
  • Parker8283, who rewrote this mod for me so that it would be compatible with 1.7.2 Forge, and is helping me to learn how to java code and how to make mods.
  • Me, Spencerio, who dreamed of and made this mod
  • moobyman, my friend, with who I [might] make a modpack with, and who helped me plan the mod
  • Gildefyre, who has agreed to help with textures and also has given me helpful criticism.
  • CreepersGonnaCreep, A.K.A. MarkPlaysMC, for his showcase (//www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MsdUNAZfDo), for spreading word of this mod, giving me some ideas, and for supporting this mod a LOT.
  • xplasmakid for his awesome showcase: //www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T88qf9A_yF0
  • Kevaka Worlds for his showcase, which is very good and covers everything perfectly: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhkfOSv7vMc
  • Bioniclops, A.K.A. schneid2000 for his new modded survival series in which he has included my mod, and for general support
  • Klemen for making MCreator and who has supported this mod as well, such as recognizing it in his Community Creations: Modifications news post and for the excellent quality in everything he's done with MCreator, including development, the website and website features, the easy-to-learn MCreator interface, etc.
  • Everybody who has supported this mod in any way, even if it was just downloading it. =D

     NOTE: Any criticism IS NOT recognised if: (A) It is reported in a rude or inappropriate manner.

     Requires: Minecraft Forge for 1.7.2/1.6.4

     BANNERS (For using in your signature on the Minecraft Forums):

     The name of the mod may change, and it will be updated regularly.

     Please spread word of this mod and keep up with it!

Source code Copyright/license: The mod is now open-source, download it from Github at: https://github.com/Spencerio1/Spencerios-Mod-Mod The license: https://github.com/Spencerio1/Spencerios-Mod-Mod/blob/master/LICENSE


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     Screenshots also at:





     v0.5.5 [Beta]

  • Added Copper ore, ingot, tools, and armor.
  • Added Carbon ore, ingot, tools, and armor.
  • Added Help Block and Help Block GUI. Recipe for Help Block:

D   D   D

D    I    D

D   D   D

                       D=Dirt, I=Ink Sac

     v0.5.7.5 [Beta]

  • Added silver ore, silver ingots, silver armor, and silver tools.
  • I nicknamed it the "Silver Update"

     v0.6 [Beta]

  • Cobalt update!

     v0.6.2.5 [Beta]

  • Ruby Update!
  • Forgot to add Block of Ruby, will be added next update.

     v0.6.5 [Beta]

  • FWI: Help block is a block where when you right-click it, it brings up a GUI with a brief description of this mod and a button that when clicked brings up this page.
  • Added Block of Ruby
  • Removed all things concerning lead due to a bug with ID's which made it where there were two different lead tool sets and armor sets
  • Credit to CreepersGonnaCreep (A.K.A. MarkPlaysMC) for the mod showcase
  • Next update will add Titanium stuff
  • This update was made because of me reviewing the mod showcase
  • Added Minecraft Forums page for the mod: //www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2067837-spencerios-mod-mod/


  • Added titanium tools, armor, ore, ingot, and Block of Titanium
  • v0.7.5 [Beta]: will add lead stuff

     v0.7.5 [Beta]

  • Added Lead stuff
  • Added Hellish stuff (Hellish Ore spawns in the nether) SURPRISE!!!


  • Added Obsidian tools and armor
  • Added End Stone tools and armor
  • might add Bedrock tools and armor
  • might add new flowers that aren't in Minecraft 1.7.2

     v0.8.5 Beta

  • Added craftable spawn eggs
  • Added craftable music discs
  • Added Madagascarian Forest
  • Added Heaven Dimension
  • Added film, used in crafting music discs
  • Added Sapphire ore, drop (item), block of ore, tools, and armor
  • Added Topaz ore, drop (item), block of ore, tools, and armor
  • I may have forgotten something, if so, I'll add to list
  • Biggest update yet!
  • Beginning of the mod's transformation from a mining mod to an all-around mod! =D
  • I thought of a lot of good ideas to add in later!

     v0.8.6 Beta Crash Fix

  • Removed cause of world crash: Heaven Dimension
  • Added Chrysanthemums
  • Added Chrysanthemum to Dye recipe
  • Added Camellias
  • Added Camellia to Dye recipe
  • Added Hydrangeas
  • Added Hydrangea to Dye recipe
  • Removed Heavenly Grass (It's now pointless)
  • Removed Heavenly Dirt (It's now pointless)
  • Download is: 736.97 Kilobytes (In other words, a lot for a Minecraft Mod) =D
  • Figured out that Spencerio's Mod Mod is the most popular and succesful MCreator-made mod EVER! =D

     v0.9.0 [Beta]

  • Added Molten Iron Ingot (Smelt an Iron Ingot to get it)
  • Added Steel Ingot, recipe is as below:




M: Molten Iron Ingot; L: Limestone Dust; S: Stone (Stone, NOT Cobblestone)

  • Added Limestone and Limestone Dust, Limestone drops 4 Limestone Dust, Limestone Dust is used in crafting Steel Ingots (As shown above), Limestone is broken using pickaxes
  • Added Steel Armor
  • Added Block Of Steel
  • Added Steel Tools
  • Teaked Help Block GUI, now has mod links, updated description, etc., but to see the whole GUI, you have to widen the screen on the right. I will try to fix this ASAP
  • Tweaked Chrysanthemum, Camellia, and Hydrangea generation rate, they are now mre rare, but still quite common, I will tweak them further soon.

     v0.9.2.5 [Beta] [CUSTOMIZABLE SPAWNERS!!!]

  • Added Customizable Spawner and recipe:



  • Added Boss Spawner and recipe:


  • Mod's size now: 821 Kilobytes. WOW. That's a LOT.
  • Either 1 or 2 or 3 updates away from "The Big One".
  • I will try to bring back some of the older versions, but only the 5 most recent ones will be up at any one time.

     v0.9.5 [Beta]

  • Added Nether Quartz tools and armor
  • Added Apatite Ore, tools, drop, armor, and ore block
  • Added Amethyst Ore, drop, ore block, tools, and armor
  • A couple of bug fixes.
  • [Nearly] 900 kilobytes! More than Bioniclops' Sciencequal Mod! ;P

     v0.9.5-1.7.2 [Beta]

  • Total rewrite by Parker 8283
  • Tweaked some things (GUI's, etc.)
  • May be buggy
  • Added creative tabs for all the items/blocks added in the mod
  • The way the files are makes the mod much more compact, as a result, the "size" (amount of data taken up) has decreased from 895 kB to about 250 kB, but everything is still in the mod
  • Added SMP (Multiplayer) support

     v0.9.5.1-1.7.2 [Beta]

  • Re-Textured Earth Quartz Ore (background looks more like surrounding stone)
  • Re-Textured Armor Model Textures (the old ones were HD textures, which don't go well with a non-HD mod)

     v0.9.5.3 [Beta]

  • Compiled with Forge 1060
  • Added Registrations to the OreDictionary



  • Download on Curse.com
  • All updates from here on out will be released on Curse.com, but you can download it from the links on the Minecraft forums page.
  • Fixed strange crash caused be cached classes
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Spencerio, Good mod! I like the wide variety of ores and stuff! Makes the game loads more interesting. :D

I don't mean how you got it working with 1.7.2. I mean how did you make this with MCreator for 1.7.2, there's only recipes, fuels and creative tabs right now.

@#178 Sure! That would be awesome. If you could follow these guidelines when making it, that would be awesome!: http://mcreator.pylo.si/forum/5452/spencerios-mod-mod-showcases-wanted
If you could also give me a link to your channel, that would be awesome.

Hey guys, guess what? The 1.7.2 version is Multiplayer compatible!

spencerios help me plis, MCREATOR as I install the 1.4.3 gives me error in testing decompiled fixed as under?

@#181 Don't download 1.4.3, because it's buggy. It is only a release to show progress. I suggest you wait for Klemen to finish 1.4.4, then download 1.4.4. He only has 1 thing to do before 1.4.4 is done.

do you have sometimes random Errors?
Like you edited something, canceld and than a error or after test enviroment