DarkRuby mod

Published by Dash Paw on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 02:49
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The Dark Ruby Mod!! It's a simple mod and also is  my first so it's not the best. The mod consists of weapons, armor, ores, etc. This only took two days so I did kind of rush but updates will be made constantly. (GET Just Enough Items Mod  it will make crafting the items a lot more simple.)


*RECENT UPDATES*  (fixed bow recipe) (added the scope to the gun) (changed the armor textures) (added the DarkRuby Knight) 

Modification files
DarkRuby Mod.jar - version 1.12.2318.91 KB

Lol. I need some help I made all the recipes but they were all messed up so I fixed them in MCreator but if I want the changes I have to re-make the mod unless if anyone knows another way X|