New procedure idea - Wait x ticks

Published by cap174 on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 15:10
Issue description


This is one of three ideas I have for a future version of MCreator. The first is a procedure that waits an x amount of ticks or seconds. This would be really useful for a lot of things, especially machines in mine and others mods. It would just be a block that can say "wait x ticks", where "x" is a user-chosen number.

Thanks for reading this, an for making the best mod creator ever!

Issue comments

Also - as I can only post 1 ticket a day - I will say my other ideas. The second is one that will stop playing music once a block is destroyed, the third is one that will loop a procedure forever - I need this so a block can repeatedly play a sound until it is broken. The fourth idea is a procedure that will get the current location of the player. 
Again, thanks for reading this and I hope you add these to MCreator!