Spark Mod

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This is a fairly new mod and It'll take time for me to fully polish its features.

If you have any questions just message me via the bottom comments.


Updated to 0.0.4 check the change log for more info.

Next update: TBD

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

updated to 0.0.4

Tons of small changes



Rose Quartz Block types

Wooden Crooks and Stone Crooks (for leaves)

Green Apple

Dark Stone Chiseled


Textures changed:

Bronze Tools

Flint axe

Shulker Totem

Red Wood Tree log/planks



Solar Panels Produce way less energy per tick

all tools have been worked over.













updated to 0.0.3


Tons of small texture changes.


Added crafting recipes for:


Dark Iron Block

Dark Iron ingot   From Block

Bronze Armor

Bronze Sword

Bronze Block

The Unbreakable

Emerald             From Emerald Shards


Items Added

The Unbreakable

The Unbreakable Pickaxe



- Renzen














0.0.2 Update Log

Changed Shulker Totem into an item.

Increased Shulker totem's item health to 1450 from 450


Fixed Solar Panel texture issues.

added Solar Cells


Cleaned up slab block models.


Added drops for Red Wood leaves.

fixed breaking sound for Red Wood Leaves.


added crafting recipes for Shulker Totem, Solar Panel, and Solar Cells.



Changes were added 4/30/2019