Weapons of Fame

Published by JRGlitches on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 00:00
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This mod will no longer be supported as other, bigger, better collab projects will take its place, despite the fact this mod seems to be very popular still in terms of the MCreator site, thanks for all the "support" for this mod.



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Latest supported Minecraft version
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Release 5.0 The magic update:

  • added two new magic weapons
  • added star fury
  • added star wrath
  • updated armor and ingot textures and models (credit to the terra-mine mod)
  • a huge amount of bug fixes
  • updated to version minecraft 1.12.2


Release 4.0 The compatibility update:

  • added two new items
  • added diamond wand and the magic weapons tab
  • added solar wrath
  • added corrupted discs
  • changed conifer wood to juniper wood for compatibility with the mezi-craft mod
  • tons of bug fixes


Release 3.0 The true update:

  • added vortex pickaxe
  • added solar flare pickaxe
  • added true terra blade
  • added true Halloween blade
  • added blue moon and ball and chain style weapons tab
  • added dragon bow
  • added lumanite sword
  • added lumanite (this is how it is spelled)


Release 2.0 The underworld update:

  • added 3 new throwing weapons
  • fixed drill and bow textures being backward
  • added bone sword
  • added chlorophyte nugget
  • added shadowflame bow
  • added melee skeleton
  • much more bug fixes
  • added underworld dimension
  • added hellstone
  • added hellstone ingots
  • added hellstone lighter
  • added some things I probably forgot


Release 1.0:

  • small bug fixes


Beta update 1.5.0 The mining update:

  • added titanium pickaxe
  • fixed light discs
  • mobs finally attack you
  • added cobalt drill
  • added adamantine drill
  • added mythril drill
  • added chlorophyte drill
  • added titanium drill
  • made new creative tabs for more organization


Beta update 1.4.6 The organization update:

  • made all textures uniform
  • added crimson armor
  • added corrupt armor

Submitted by Axdarner on Sun, 11/11/2018 - 14:57

Modification not bad,but all are riped off Terraria!When i Hold sword from that mod,it display from bad side!
3/10 for modification and magic dont work!!

First of all the textures aren't ripped at all if you would read all the other comments that I've had to reply on and second of all I am actually going to fix the textures being backwards because I only recently realized so thanks for that! Im also improving the models and textures of the mobs because they are... Kinda broken...

Im one thinks he stealed tool texture from Terraria?

Submitted by JRGlitches on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 22:07

This mod now has 666 downloads XD
My next huge mod event is now beta released minecraft plasma!
And this time there is literally NO WAY that I can get yelled at for people saying I "stole textures"

This looks amazing! But I will say I'm disappointed with the fact that you placed no credit to Terraria as all of the items comes from that game.

Submitted by BJM on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 20:09

Ok I know how to download a mod but how do i implement it in Minecraft?
Also what version is this compatible with?

Very late reply, but this... is the same as all other mods, so you can look for a tutorial on that as I dont want to give mis-information, however as for what version it is 1.12.2

Submitted by stas_mods on Sat, 08/31/2019 - 15:31

Most of the things in this mod are just things from terraria