[UNSUPPORTED] Update Suggestions / Random Stuff

Published by xSnowyx on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 06:44
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Before I get into the specifics, I'll explain to you why I've stopped supporting it for now. One, I just don't feel like further changing it. A lot of it is perfectly fine. Two, there's some work that could be done that I currently can't do. Now, I do plan on coming back to this, and further fixing various bugs and whatnot, and pushing a support update for 1.14.4 (meaning there'll be two versions for 1.12.2 and 1.14.4). No promises on times though. Anyway, thought I'd update you on it, cheers! (Dec. 24th, 2019)


What is this mod?
Well, it's my Update Suggestions mod (US), or Random Stuff mod (RS).

What does it add?
It adds lots of blocks and items into the game, using suggestions from r/MinecraftSuggestions.

Well, what blocks and items were added?
Um, I'll list that out later. Relax.

Okay. Can you get to the point?


  • Gold Terracotta Ore - Ore that replaces all Gold Ore in Mesa biomes. Allows for better blending of materials.
  • Gold Netherrack Ore - Ore of Gold that spawns in the Nether. How do you think Pigmen get their gold weaponry?
  • Blacklight - Block that spawns in the End, which allows for the crafting of Glowing Planks and Sunglass
  • Sunglass - Glass that blocks out light! Includes every Stained variant (God, that was difficult)
  • Glowing Planks - Wooden Planks that glow at the highest setting! (Will change to adjust the recipes to change light level within crafting)
  • (NOT USABLE) Dehydrator - A small block that changes Rotten Flesh to Jerky
  • Daybed - A block that executes a simple command: /time set 1800
  • Redstone Lantern - Basically a Redstone Torch that can be placed on the ceiling. Powers redstone above and below it.


  • Blacklight Dust - Item dropped from Blacklight, which is used in crafting of Sunglass and Glowing Planks
  • Dragonfruit - Product of the Dragonfruit Plant. Gives speed boost when eaten.
  • Jerky - A food item made from Rotten Flesh that is either smelted in a Furnace or dehydrated in the Dehydrator (currently unusable)
  • Corn - An inedible item that allows you to plant corn
  • Corn on the Cob - A food item crafted from Corn and Shears
  • Cinnamon - A spice blend crafted from using a Bark Stripper and Dark Oak Logs in a Crafting Table (useless)
  • Bark Stripper - Tool used to remove bark from Dark Oak Log to get Cinnamon


  • Dragonfruit Plant - A plant that is SUPPOSED to grow in the End, which provides Dragonfruit (doesn't spawn)
  • Corn Plant - The stages of Corn before destroying for Corn

Suggestions Used:


  • June 13, 2019 - Initial Release!
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In development
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Cool mod, even if the ideas aren't yours :)
Anyway, you shouldn't use command procedure blocks, because they only work when cheats are enabled. There is another procedure block which sets time and always works, I just don't remember its name (but it's in the first tab)

I think the plant doesn't grow in the Nether because you gave it plant material, making it only grow on grass, dirt or similar blocks.
You could turn it into a regular block and make it generate in the End using a single block structure or you could keep it as a plant and create some little flying island structures where the Dragonfruit can be found.
Also, how did you make camping outposts without campfires?