Potions Of Emotions Mod

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This mod adds potions of the emotions!, this mod also adds a clover plant and a ore for crafting.

All of the potions has a different effects. if you can't wait for drink them, install this mod!


On the world, an ore can be found on the stone, You can smelt this ore to get 9 Emotional Powder,

or you can simply put one redstone dust on the crafting table and you will get 9 emotional powder

With Emotional powder you can craft the potions, Using JEI will help you with the crafting.


The effects will depend on the potion you drink.

Easter Eggs

This mod also adds a special creative tab that contains 2 strange potions.

Crash potion: This potion crashes minecraft when you drink it. (freezes minecraft)

MissingNo Potion: This potion adds a effect called "Error". When the Error effect timer runs out, you will explode.


i speak spanish, so sorry for my bad english! :D


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In development
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[1.12.2]Potions-of-emotions-v1.0.0.jar - Potions of emotions v1.0.0470.06 KB

Nice mod :)
First 1.9.0 mod I've seen.
Your English is fine by the way!

Nice mod
Like Sir_cookie said, it seems it is the first potion mod here :)

Submitted by acii_3 on Sun, 06/30/2019 - 12:55

Pretty cool if you ask me, but you could try a "optimism" potion, just a cool idea.

allright, if this mod is strange, thats beacuse this is my first mod on mcreator 1.9.0 and some options have been disappeared.