Minecraft Updates [Discontinued]

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This Mod Has Been Discontinued (Unless suddenly a ridiculous amount of people want to see it get updated and worked on)

Under the downloads page, I've posted the MCreator Workspace for this mod.

Recommended Mod: RockstarBonnet's Backport Mod: https://mcreator.net/modification/42916/backport-mod

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to be able to play with my own mods in 1.14, however, there was one issue;

MCreator hasn't updated to 1.14 - they haven't even updated to 1.13 as of writing this. So what do I do?

I'm currently remaking EVERYTHING that was added in 1.13-1.14 into a 1.12.2 mod! Every block (except for the Bell) is functional, and craftable. There's still a ways to go, but figured I'd release the main 1.14 blocks and what I have done!

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Modification files
MinecraftUpdates MC 1.12.2 - v0.1.jar - MinecraftUpdates MC 1.12.2 - v0.1787.29 KB
MinecraftUpdates MC 1.12.2 - v0.1.5_0.jar - MinecraftUpdates MC 1.12.2 - v0.1.5787.3 KB
MinecraftUpdates Workspace.zip - MinecraftUpdates Workspace151.64 KB


  • Fixed Campfire Texture


  • Added Grindstone
  • Added Campfire
  • Added Stone Slab
  • Added Smooth Stone + Slab
  • Added  Barrel
  • Added Lectern
  • Added Blast Furnace
  • Added Smoker
  • Added Bell [Non Functional, Stand only]

Submitted by asianboii on Thu, 07/11/2019 - 03:32

The textures look nice! Maybe make the screenshot a bit closer? They are really hard to see ^-^

Nice mod :)
For the campfire, I'd recommend selecting cutout on transparency. This will stop the black box around the flame.

I also make a mod named backport for 1.12. 2 I have all original sounds, bell, turtle, hatching turtle, phantom etc. Fish, all structures (outpost, underwater ruins etc.) and all 3d models and everything....

I checked yours out; Probably a bit of an oversight of mine not to check if this already existed haha. Well, I'll probably keep updating my mod for practice, but yours looks pretty great from what I saw!

scaffolding,fletching and smithing table are also main blocks