Mob Creation Improvements

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Issue description

Mcreator has been lacking in Mob creation for quite some time, if these simple (easier said then done) improvements were added to the editor.

- First off, you cant effectively change the animations of the mobs you make, causing all mobs to be remakes of already made mobs if you wanted it to have animations.

- Second, the hitbox is very hard to change when creating a mob causing bugs with mobs hitting you without you being able to hit them.

- Third, mobs cant randomly wear armor and hold weapons, like zombies and skeletons can, (only if the player chooses for it)

- Fourth, mobs cant have a specified attack like llamas, illagers, and evokers.

- Lastly, ridable mobs are very hard to make in the current version

If all these were added I'm sure mods would be more based around mods and were you would find them.

Issue comments

Feature lists belong to forums, not on the tracker.

Most of these are already planned and some of them already have a ticket. Specified attacks can be already done to some extent using procedures.

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