mega mod pack

Published by darthsae on Mon, 07/15/2019 - 21:02
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cosmocraft(forge 14+)

terracore(forge 14+)

dark rumors

scfi fantasy and more(forge 14+)

more mobs for scfi fantasy and more(forge 14+)


farm adventure

hodge podge |||

modualuar expansion

raol craft omega


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You say that's a "mega" modpack, but i just see 4-5 mods. it's very not a "mega" modpack. Just take a FTB modpack. They have at least 150 mods, and often they have 180 to 200 mods, so change th name of your modification to Modpack, or something like this.

Big does not mean great. I think a good modpack is one that features mods that are well combined together, that are often configured and that don't cause glitches.

Did you ask permission to put these mods in a modpack?

Maybe add Some Screenshots :D z:B the Dimension etc.