MCreator survey - PRO version of MCreator

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 05/05/2019 - 15:50
MCreator Survey - Paid version of MCreator

Based on the results of our first survey on the commercial version of MCreator, we decided to make another one, this time with more specific questions.

We believe that the community is the one that should help us shape the future. MCreator, as is, would stay free, but we would offer a commercial version too, just to clear this up first :) And we won't limit free version in any way that would limit the possibilities of mod making itself and we wouldn't nerf existing features of MCreator.


Click here to answer the survey

Each answer will help us decide on how to shape the future of MCreator better


Based on your responses on the first survey, we have decided to make an estimate of how our commercial/paid version would look like. Our current planned features of paid version are (of course they are subject to change based on your recommendations in the survey):

Planned features for a paid version

MCreator software:

  • Commercial usage license for exported mods (mods can be used in commercial purposes such as links, ads and selling them or using on commercial servers)
  • Option to export debranded mods (without "Made with MCreator" in the mod description and links to the website)
  • Option for collaborative work in groups with version control
  • Possible option to become part of a beta testing program

MCreator website:

  • A shorter delay between opening two tickets on our issue tracker
  • Option to disable ads on the website
  • More disk space for mod page files
  • Profile badge

Why an annual subscription model?

Our current idea is to go with the annual subscription model. This is because many of these features such require us to host additional servers to make these work. It would not be possible to make this without a subscription model as we can't afford to host these servers indefinitely without at least annual income from the users who use these services. The same goes with more disk space and extended support for such users.


We are looking forward to the results of the survey as we see a paid version of MCreator as an option to get more resources to hire more developers and dedicate more existing development time for MCreator. This way we can fix bugs faster and add more new features.

And stay tuned for next MCreator release, as we have something very big ready for you and we are leaving hints already ;)

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Submitted by seba0456 on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 18:46

Please don't change as most of free softwares. I have hope free Mcreator will be not degraded.

I wrote this in the article which clarifies this won't happen: MCreator, as is, would stay free, but we would offer a commercial version too, just to clear this up first :) And we won't limit free version in any way that would limit the possibilities of mod making itself.

I have read it. But i know some softwares what promise they will be still fre but they add watermarks and more anoning stuffs.
I thing is price will be good (I maybe in futhure will buy it (i havent dolars).
For the price i have idea user can pay greater or equaler then x $

We wouldn't do this. We always listened to the community and this is no different. And nerfing MCreator and moving features from existing MCreator to the paid version is a no go.

Yes. but what if someone where to... idk...
Edit each and every line of code outputted via your tool to remove every .McCreator , :MCcreator
and more. On each asset outputted via it.

In that case you would have no proof that they used your tool. Yes you can water mark the output file but you cant fully water mark it. Infact if we are going to get legal with this. You guys are infact breaking the license of minecraft. by giving away free access to the full game via "Player481" and accounts like that. That can be accessed via a simple outside program to access the account token file of the minecraft client hidden inside MC Creator.

I am not saying i have done / am doing any of this.
But i am just pointing out that you guys cant really put a license on something that is already breaching another license and then also reinforce that with action.

You guys should really get a good legal team before you create a contract and make a couple million 9 year olds sign it.

There are many ways to bypass software, not just ours, but any. If Adobe and other major software manufacturers can't make software bulletproof, neither can we. We count on users who will buy MCreator to support us developers to continue to work on MCreator and new features based on the community requests.

For Minecraft "Player481" thing, MCreator just hooks in Minecraft Forge MDK which provides test client, not us. They provide offline version of client which is only intended for testing. You can read more about this here: You can install Forge MDK in any other IDE too and launch Minecraft test client without buying it too the same way as it happens in MCreator.

We did consult with legal experts regarding legal terms for all the libraries and APIs we use to ensure legal compatibility.

I hope this cleared up things a bit :)

You forgot something in the mini-Feature bonus list,
Update Notice of our Mod! You said it may be in the commercial version on my ticket

I will consider adding this too. Pro version would have updates too, so we will add more features gradually, of course, if we decide to go this route based on the survey answers.

Submitted by adrianio on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 12:52

I don't like this. Soon you will start cutting off features from the free version, won't you?