Techno-Magic Amalgam Mod [dead don't download]

Published by razar8 on Wed, 08/14/2019 - 16:47
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I think that this is actually the Best and most Complicated mod I've ever done, with some of the most important/best features including:

  • making batteries for no reason whatsoever
  • turning a generic block into something that does absolutely nothing
  • and finding all the materials that do not do anything at all.

On a positive note, you can:

  • find secrets
  • not do drugs
  • and decorate your house with menial items

Other than that, this mod is supposed to be thoroughly explored in order to find everything. That's the main idea, after all.





NO, I'm NOT dead. But this mod is.

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
  • S.1.0
    • Mod shown to the public so that they can see what even in the heck I was doing.
  • A.1.0
    • Posted a better, more complicated mod.
    • Added stuff
      • Added Milton's Miltons and Polynigmii
  • A.1.1
  • A.2.0
  • A.2.1
    • Added stuff
      • Added Milton's Melting
      • Added the ability to become a Polynigmion
    • Nerfed Combinator
      • it only has three slots now, to make for easier recipies.
    • Fixed various bugs
      • Fixed Polymignioninator
      • Fixed Milton's Miltons Milton Factory
    • Thats pretty much it

So how's life? Mine was busy. VERY busy. This is what I came up with, enjoy I guess.