Ruby Extension Mod!

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News: WOOH HOO 14 downloads thats a lot! I ADDED MY FIRST MOB! BUIlD1.0.2 IS OUT! 

Note: this is my first mod, so I'm open to any suggestions. Also, I will do an update when I get 25 downloads.This is a mod that is 100% playable, but I will still add new elements lol.


this mod adds various ruby related features. (Weapons, Tools, Blocks, Guns, Dimensions, and more!) 


Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Ruby_Expansion_Mod_v1.0.1.jar - Build 1.0.1(stable)338.13 KB
Ruby_Extension_Mod_v1.0.0_0.jar - Build 1.0.0337.14 KB
Ruby_Extension_Mod_v1.0.2.jar - Build 1.0.2(Stable[I think])355.34 KB

Download the versions marked "(stable)" since they are the ones that have the least bugs. The other versions are snapshots, and I haven't checked for any bugs.


A staff of electricity! More ore in Rubyland. A ruby sniper rifle maybe?


-fixed bugs

-New Mob: Extreme Zombie! Rare, but powerful! It drops rubies!


-tweaked ruby ore spawning

-tweaked coal ore spawning

-fixed bug where you can't make a Ruby block into rubies again.

-fixed a lot of issues related to item names.

-changed totem texture 


because its actualy quite nice! remember when you were so enthusiastic about this mod? what happened to that exitment, the motivation, The enthusiasum?