MCreator PRO Feedback

Published by Klemen on Mon, 08/19/2019 - 13:53
MCreator PRO Feedback

We are happy to announce that MCreator PRO is planned to be a real thing in the future. In this article, we will explain more details about the MCreator PRO and answer your questions.

The full list of planned PRO features can be seen on MCreator PRO page. MCreator PRO is going to be priced at:

19.99 €/year for an annual license or 39.99 € one-time payment for a permanent license

There would be other ways to get MCreator PRO too. We would award users of our contests with MCreator PRO licenses in the future too and you are welcome to leave any ideas or suggestions on this in the comments below too!

MCreator PRO would provide us a source of resources to further improve development speed and quality of MCreator too. We are hoping that we will be able to hire more developers and spend more time on the development of MCreator.


We are open to the feedback and your opinions as we always make sure to listen to the community. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below and we will be glad to answer them and clarify and concerns. We have opened a new poll to get a rough estimate on the interest for MCreator PRO and to get your feedback and you can answer it on the link below:


Leave feedback about MCreator PRO


We are working on 1.9.1 update intensively currently too. Check the changelog as many new awesome features will be added and many bugs fixed. Stay tuned!


We have contacted Mojang about MCreator PRO as we would like to make sure we are compliant with their Minecraft commercial guidelines and brand guidelines. We don't want to go in a direction they would not like. We are now waiting for their reply before we decide in which direction to take MCreator with its PRO version

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I called you out for being lazy and yet you call me out for " having a mean comment" yet the first sentence is "Wow, I am sorry that you are diagnosed with autism and adhd" it shows who you really are. Also why did you bring up the fact that your trying to learn to learn to code trying to feel superior i guess? You say that you are not talking about pro yet you typed "Hey pay 40 euro just to get quickmoddingtools." Next time don't bring up grammar, you must have hyped yourself up for that one when yours looks and reads like shit you must have spent more time correcting mine then you have typed in yours. So like you said "least try to get your grammar right and i know mine isn't perfect so noooo need to tell me" and that's the only thing you got right but still i'll give you an A for trying the hardest you to try and make me look like a dumbass.

P.s I'm diagnosed with dyslexia and if i cared about you i would have tried to use proper grammar.

We will first release 1.9.1 for 1.12.2, but hopefully next update will be for 1.14.x. We do already work on 1.14.x, but there is not enough stable Forge yet to make it a release and even on our side a lot of work still needs to be done.

Cool! :D
I have to say, the features are actually pretty good! It must be difficult to try to think of features for PRO that don't limit mod creation for other users.
I also like that you have a permanent license option, because I don't generally like monthly/annual payments, because they end up costing a lot if you renew them every month/year.

Submitted by Enrich on Sat, 08/24/2019 - 13:39

So far I'm happy with offered premium features also the price is reasonable for all the hard work you have put into this project. My only suggestion and the following question would be if you plan to provide some student discount, I'm not asking for 50% or so, but just a 10% would be excellent for someone that is struggling with money due to expensive education.

We most likely won't have student discounts at this point as such discounts are more used in more high priced tiers of software for enterprise use. But you can expect discounts on special occasions :D

Hello, I have a question for you, mcreator the paid version, you will have video tutorials or course video, how can you learn to program to create mods with more preconditions for minecraft.

We will make tutorials for PRO features, but there already are many tutorials for other things of MCreator already. Check this playlist: We extend it quite regularly.

One question, if the problem of generating biomes in the dimension, because outside verses I put more than 20 biomes in one dimension, will be generated very, very small as very small coughs.

and in addition one dimension I put the ocean biome, but when I entered the dimension with that bone biome, the water of the bone biome was not generated.

Submitted by proxerater on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 07:39

I personally think the price is a tad bit high, but I understand why.
You're program has been free for years and it's time for you guys to get a solid profit from your work!