Published by ImNotFun on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 08:55
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QwikSwitch is a simple mod that adds shortened gamemode commands.


- /gmc    -    Switches the user to Creative Mode

-/gms    -    Switches the user to Survival Mode

-/gma    -    Switches the user to Adventure Mode

-/gmsp    -    Switches the user to Spectator Mode

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cool but not original , the problem with mods like this one or those who add recipes to recipe less items is that mods that do exactly the same things already exists

It is very not original, and there is already lot of mods (Created with MCreator) who add these commands with other commands. So try to create new unusual commands.

You could try adding more commands (that aren't shortened versions of existing ones) to make it a bit more original