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VanillaPlus is a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that adds new vanilla-like features!

The mod adds features like ruby, sapphire, vanadium, amethyst, and more ores

as of 0.4.0, there will be many references to Cutty Caterpillar (If you watch Cute Critters and Friends on youtube you would know what it is), such as Byieshe Burger menu items and Omegan Orbs from the (VILLAINNAMENOSPOILERS) Fight!

Modification files
VanillaPlus030.jar - VanillaPlus 0.3.0201.75 KB
VanillaPlus031.jar - VanillaPlus 0.3.1247.23 KB
VanillaPlus040.jar - VanillaPlus 0.4.0 419.24 KB
VanillaPlus0401.jar - VanillaPlus Hotfix419.57 KB



-Ruby armor

-Ruby tools

-Ruby block

-Ruby stairs





-Sapphire armor

-Sapphire tools

-Sapphire block & stairs

-reinforced planks (crafted with 1 wooden planks & 4 vanadium)



-sapphire apple - 1 apple & 8 sapphire

-craftable ice (9 snow blocks)

-nether gold ore

-overworld quartz ore

-frostburn sword (1 sapphire sword & 8 ice) [freezes enemies]

-The Wither's Wield (1 stick & 4 nether stars) [applies wither effect]

-amethyst, tools, block, stairs, armor



-Bronze stuff (block coming soon)

-byieshe pop (sapphire & 8 sugar)


0.4.0 - The Cutty Caterpillar and Beyond Update

- Omegan energy orb - (vanadium block (new) & 8 redstone)


-2 new biomes

-shock absorber (provides resistance to damage briefly)

-Glock (new ranged weapon)

-craftable bedrock

-smooth bedrock

-new dimension...

-Legendary stone sword

-Dark slime mob

-Loot crate (top prize is a nether star and 1000 xp)

-Electrician crate (top prize is a barrier block)

-blaze rod block (used as fuel)

-uranium ore

-uranium rod (used as fuel)

- vanadium block

- 1 new structure


-added sapphire pickaxe recipe


0.5.0 - the exploration update - coming soon!

-new biomes

-new structures

-titanium ore

-more to be announced



Nice :)
I usually wouldn't recommend making ruby (or emerald) mods, as they are often seen as lacking originality, but the textures you've made are really cool!