Experience Hard Mod!

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This is a mod that adds one new ore: Scapetite. You can create armor/tools/multi-tools/blocks with it. In the new version v1.1 (That comes soon!) Removes it the multi-tool :( But dont worry! There is in the new update colored bricks, Uranium, Magic wands, Torch tool, Xtreme-TNT, NTN The reversed tnt version!, Chocolate, Cheeze, Chocolate drinks, Chocolate cookie, His own tab, Mini trees, Blue roses (Yes its true! roses is back in minecraft!), Red wood, Red wood planks, Red grass, and Green cobble leaves. 

Now: Just a little story to mcreator allow me to upload the file: There whas once a man named Steve...... He was just searching on the internet looking for a mod...... And then! He founded the Experience-Hard-Mod! He made a scapetite pickaxe and tought: Wow its faster than gold and have a longer dureability than diamond! And waited and waited months and months for an update... (I know, the mod isnt even a month old.)

Do you want more? Just download the latest DEV on my website!


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In development
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Experience-Hard-Mod_v1.0.jar - Version 1.0 The first release!63.06 KB

Sorry guys, experience hard mod 1.1 is coming later...... I dont now on what day