My NanoMod WIP

Started by XxGSTARxX on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 02:41

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My NanoMod WIP
Sun, 01/04/2015 - 02:41

Ok I have made a new minecraft mod for 1.7.10 I call it the NanoMod, because you have this armour called the NanoSuit. And what the armour allows you to do and become, so you beome imune to explosions from creepers and all other mob attacks not tested for the wither effect yet. I will post the results of the wither effect just to let you know this mod is not ready for download yet, because im working on it and it's too buggy right now the armour is all black and has pink arms for some reason im working on the bug also im working the NanoBlade bug.  Also your not invincible with this mod, because the only weakness I know of is fall damage but we can fix it by enchantments. Yes I added level 4 enchantments, so I believe you can get the feather falling enchantment on my settings for the mod I will test it don't expect the mod on release until around 15th jan or 20th jan around there I don't know it could be today or whenever. The mod will require Forge to run, also it can run with other mods some might not work with this modification. For more Information go onto Skype and send me a contact request my skype name is lewiskshah  for msging and use steellewis for calls and msging dont expect me to get back to you right away im very busy working on this mod for you guys

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