mob powder mod its awesome !

Started by dead mine dog on Thu, 07/16/2015 - 15:52

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mob powder mod its awesome !
Thu, 07/16/2015 - 15:52

turn into anymob in mincraft.mob powder is a plant growing in your world. when destroyed it gives you mob powder berries if you put them in the cafting table it will give you seeds with you can ether use for planting or craft with animal remains for powders*. plus a boss who can shapshift i call him the ulitimemt doom crusader. when you kill him you get his wepon the orb of shape shifting it can turn change you and all other game mobs to anything. * and a cute new desighn would be nice for the mod. and the face of the original mob should  be imprinted on the new mob  shold be imprinted on ther face. crepper faced animals  can not explode spiderjocke is not on turn into list or change list with orb must seperatly change villieger noses will not be on  new animal faces to change to vilagern use emerald only you can turn to steve wicth noses/hats will not be on new animals.  






*mod creturs not included do not try using to turn mobs into creppers becuse it should use lightning to change things meaning theyd turn into CHAREGED CREPPERS and thats bad with a cappital B 

*for puppies ther will be chew toys as dropings if animal is adult or child will be random powder can not be eaten by steve must be put in crafting table with any kind of armor will not protect steve for wolf use bone for skelotin use arrow