Crafting Issue Delimmas

Started by mrbunnylamakins on Sat, 08/22/2015 - 21:37

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Crafting Issue Delimmas
Sat, 08/22/2015 - 21:37

1) My Delimma is and happen when I went to craft my mod. When you go to create a Tab for your mod you have only Minecraft items to select from,
You could create your mod then add the Tab later which you would have to go back through and change all your crafted items and change Tab they are currently under.

2) My mod uses powder ore that requires a grinder. (carraige before the horse) 
 So Crafting/ Smelting section will not work. I can not smelt the ingots from powder untill the powders are first made, which
the powders are NOT made by crafting them on the Cafting Table or in Furnace Section.

Grind a ore into powder, mix it with another ore that has been ground into power, mix the powders together (On crafting Table) = Mix
Mix goes into special furnance = New type of ingot

3) Most GUI in minecraft are A+ B = C
( Furnace: A= item like ore/raw food , B = fuel , = C= ingot/cooked food)
( Anvil: A= Item tool,weapon or armor, B= ingot/Enchanted Book, = C = Repaired or enchanted item. )

There should be simple Categories for GUI

Like making a furnace... Drag and drop Item Boxes and Output Arrow (speed control up down arrow)
1) input boxes 2)  Fuel/ item box 3) output box

4) When making a BLOCK  a Isometric View Box on side would be nice

Plus I notice in other mode codes  Besides(Up, Down, North, East, South, West) they have DEGREES also  90, 180, 270
I am thinking this has to do with so your textureon your Block is turned and facing the right way.

Add mouse over text to the Block Texture area, so when mouse over the box it tells the user (Top, Bottom, North, East, South, West)
Also add on the side Controls for each block  (up/down arrow) to select 90, 180, 270

As in code.........


    "model": "myblock:special_iron_on",
    "y": 90


Over All
1) Allow User to load up 16X16 png Picture for TAB creation section.
2) Allow Items to be Made other than from Crafting Table/Furnace  (grinder, magic table/culdron ect)
3) Some pre made GUI (Under Categories: Furnance, Magic, Tool table , ect)
4) Block Isometric Viewer box, plus rotaton control feature that adds rotation code