MCreator 1.8 export (to test) doesn't work?

Started by AMinecraft1202 on Sun, 09/20/2015 - 17:41

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MCreator 1.8 export (to test) doesn't work?
Sun, 09/20/2015 - 17:41

Okay, now i know there is at least something wrong with my MCreator app now. So im completley new to thins and ive just made my first item,, a Mrio amiibo (yes im making an amiibo mod) everythings done with the item, so i go t see how it does in the minecraft test tab thingy. it says "Recompilation still in progress in backround! Please try again later!" no matter how many times i press it. even when i reboot the computer AND the app, it will ALWAYS say that. So instead i got to the export so i can test it myself with forge. i do all that stuff wih the name and everything and export it as jar, since this IS 1.8 after all. the bix goes away and nothing happenes. about15 or so seconds later, the entire thing exits itself out. Exact some thing for the .zip export. i tried an older version (1.7.10) but i couldnt get in becuase it dosne allow you to use older versions, which honestly is kindof dumb. so now what? am i not every able to use or test my mod? theres no crash notes, no warnings, no nothing. its just gone after i press export.