Custom Mobs Not Working

Started by revmykl777 on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 19:22

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Custom Mobs Not Working
Thu, 11/19/2015 - 19:28 (edited)

Alright I will try and explain this as clearly as I can.

I made a custom Mob in Techne. Imported the model and the texture. Went to the AI section and selected Custom AI. I set Act Agressivly to "Player" and the level to "10". I set Wander to "9", and Look Around to "8". Loaded up the test Environment and the Mob walks around, Looks around, but will not attack. Even when I attack it, it still won't attack back. It also doesn't show the held weapon I gave it. So I went back and removed the Custom AI, and set the AI to Skeleton, It walked Around, Looked Around, even burned in sunlight, but still would not attack.

So I got to thinking maybe it was my Mob Model. I imported a texture and set the model to Biped, set the Custom AI, as mentioned above. Again it walked around, looked around, but won't attack. Went back and set the AI to Zombie, and it won't move or attack, it just stands there and looks around.

Any help on this would be great!

Am using version 1.6.0 for 1.8

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