Furnace GUI

Started by attichicco on Mon, 12/28/2015 - 22:16

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Furnace GUI
Mon, 12/28/2015 - 22:16

I am using the MCreator for minecraft 1.7.10 because all modpacks are mede for that version of minecraft by now so i need to use it for that version.

My first idea to try out the program was making a faster furnace, the problem is that is hard, if not impossible to make a furnace block with this program.

To make a  furnace you need a Furnace GUI that is not already into the program iteself so you're required to make one yourself... if you try to make that GUI you can't:

  • Make a slot where you can only put Fuels, you can make a slot accept a specific item but not accept a group of items, so i suggest you (Mcreator Developers) should add groups of items like fuel when you select what can go in that specific slot, and you add a way to add your own groups of items.
  • Select an action to smelt the item if there is fuel, so if i want to smelt a piece of cobblestone with my furnace it consume the fuel and smelt the cobblestone into stone... right now you can only add an "Item added to inventory" action.
  • Make a progress bar for the smelting or something else like the energy level

Now, if anyone know any way to make a Smelting GUI please tell me below here, if someone have my same problem let's keep this thread open so they will eventually see it.

Thankyou guys for your answers.