Want to create R.A.P.S (I'm new)

Started by Tornado_Hunter24 on Thu, 02/18/2016 - 17:18

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Want to create R.A.P.S (I'm new)
Thu, 02/18/2016 - 17:18

Hello everyone!
I'm new here.
I recently started playing minecraft with some friends. I created a server, we're playing in it whole day :P
So I just got an idea, and wanted to do an mod.
Before I say anything, I wanna say that I'm kinda "not"  new to modding.
If anyone here knows amnesia the dark descent, I'm actually working on my own mod there, so what I'm good at atm is scripting (amnesia use something else then java), good in mapping, etc etc.
I do know how modeling works but not how minecrafts modeling works.
Okey now that that is done, let me explain my idea.
So what I want is that if some players are on the same spot for a long time, (OUTSIDE) a "ship"  will appear in the air, it comes on top of the player, and will drop some BALLS.
My idea for the modeling is Green Balls with some blocks outlining outside of it, with the ball havign a creepers texture.
Now, I want is that the balls make noices WHILE falling down. and some sound and dirt effects if it falls, then starts ROLLING towards the player, having some sound sometimes too, and when being close to the player, it will explode INSTANTLY, unlike the creeper, the damage it deals is less, but the explosion ONLY damages the player or other npc, so no blocks will be broken or damaged, even plants&grasses will not be broken by the explosions.

Is this possible?! 
It was just an idea and it sounded cool imo so wanted to create a mod of it, i'm on 1.8.9.
Oh btw, the "the ship is coming if a player stays at the same position for a long time outside" can be removed too, but Idk how it else should be spawned.
It is gonna spawn SOMETIMES, like 5% or so...
Help would be appreciated! :D