Making mixed if statments

Started by Crayeights on Wed, 02/24/2016 - 22:41

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Making mixed if statments
Wed, 02/24/2016 - 22:42 (edited)

I been working on making a grass block that acks the same way as fefuilt minecraft grass but custom and I need to set it to a  custom dirt. I have been using if statments but found how limited I am. I though I could use the stacking commands as in a list of cammands that cant happen inless the first one it activated first, so like I wont to make sure the grass dosnt grow under the the ground and turns its self into dirt when there is a block on top but it the block that didnt undergrand will turn it back to grass and it repeats making it flash back and fourth. so nither I dont understand stacking commands or there is a bug and it needs fix but if its dosnt work that way then the creators need add the stacking command tick so that it can execute commands one at a time and connect then so that we can do like canBlockSeeTheSky if so then it will exeute blockAt[i, j, k].getBlock() == item/block then next command there might be away to do it but I had no luck.


I am sorry for bad grammar type in hurry and can't see keybored dont have time to edit lol

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