MCreator Crashes With Custom Mob Model!

Started by HectorTheSquid on Fri, 08/12/2016 - 11:06

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MCreator Crashes With Custom Mob Model!
Fri, 08/12/2016 - 11:06

I'm making a fish mob and i got a model made with techne and exported to .java as the instructions say, then i change it to custom model and i put it. I've filled all the things you need to do a mob, and when i compile it, it gives me this crash: 

C:\Pylo\MCreator170\forge\build\sources\main\java\mod\mcreator\ error: illegal character: '\u00bf' and then some symbol mess with squares and strange characters.

I know the problem is the model because i made the same mob without the custom model and it worked fine. I've folowed the instructions... any help?