buisnesscraft: money and business simulation for minecraft

Started by Minecraftfairy… on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 19:09

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buisnesscraft: money and business simulation for minecraft
Wed, 10/05/2016 - 19:16 (edited)

hello fellow modders. I would like to share my idea for a mod with you that I have been working on over the summer and am currently in the process of re-making and rebalencing (and also so it's assets do not interfere with normal survivel mode)


at the moment, the mod is called buisnesscraft though it mainly focuses on mining and ores specifically. It is designed to be used on the void superflat pre-set but can be used in regular survival and superflat if the player wishes to do so. (the reason it can be used on the void is because the mod includes a special block that gives an infinite number of single coins. This block has been set up to spawn on layers 15 and lower. As such. It can spawn on the void superflat pre-set which has a y value of 4.00)


What I have is a collection of textures for coins ranging in value from 1 coin to 1 million coins (i plan to expand this to 1 billion coins) these coins can be used to buy and sell various items in minecraft. (including even the most basic things like grass blocks, saplings, logs and cobblestone. it is designed for use on the void superflat pre-set after all.) almost any product (like doors and steps) can be sold off for more coins which you can reinvest into your buisness.

at the moment I am focusing on mostly the mining buissness the player will be able to run by buying special ore blocks that regenerate back into ore blocks after being mined.

This is done by having the ore block be replaced by a depleted block after being mined which, after a set number of ticks, is replaced by the original block. Both of these tasks are acomplished with add block commands

on more valuble blocks. I use the random possiblity condition to slow the regeneration down as MCreator only allows the block tick rate to be set to 1,000 ticks. 


here's an outline of what I have planned:


I plan to use at least 3 types of resourse. Metals (like iron) powders (like redstone) and gems (like diamonds) and an 'other' catagory for resources that don't quite fit into the other catagories (like obsidian, coal and charcoal)

you need 9 of a resorse in order to craft a block that you can sell. There will be a few exceptions to this rule, usually in the special catagory of resources. 


the resourse catagories also behave differently.


Metals have a balenced sell price and regen rate

powders regenerate fast but their blocks don't sell for much.

Gem blocks sell for a lot of money but the ores take a long time to regenerate


I plan to have 8 'teirs' of each resourse. This means I will be adding new items into the game (I probably will not be adding armour and tools as it'll make the mod too cluttered)

higher teir resorces are worth more coins but regenerate slower overall. Their blocks are also more expencive to upgrade

I also plan to add 3 upgrade paths for the regenerating blocks. these are:


magic: blocks cannot be mined for their resourse. instead, the spawn gem command is used to spawn the resurce over the block (j+2) when the block would normally regenerate. Higher teir increse the resourse spawn rate and add a small chance to recive a whole block.

teir 1: needs glowstone dust/blocks

teir 2: needs quartz/ quartz blocks

teir 3: needs nether stars/ neather star blocks

all magic blocks have an enchanted table partical effect

corruption: these ores give more resurces when mined and can even spread if left alone (spreading is a rare event) however there's a chance of them exploding when mined.

teir 1: needs cursed ingots and blocks

teir 2: needs accursed ingots and blocks

teir 3: needs oblivion ingots and blocks

all corrupt blocks have the 'portal' partical effect

blessed: blessed blocks give entier blocks when mined. high value blocks must be sacraficed to get the required upgrade materials

teir 1: needs purity stones

teir 2: needs blessed stones

teir 3: needs sacred stones


in order to keep this pitch breif i'll stop here. However please do not hesitate to request more infomation in regards to whjat I have planned.


I am currently putting together a demo which i am willing to upload if anyone is interested (which will probably be teir 1 and 2 blocks only)


I will take into account all feedback and try to answer any questions yopu may have


Thank you for reading

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