Mob Texture Help Needed!

Started by Kane on Thu, 10/20/2016 - 12:30

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Mob Texture Help Needed!
Thu, 10/20/2016 - 12:30

Hi all guys!

As the title says, I need some help to draw some of my mob texture D:

I'm quite near to end my mod "pre-settings", then I will start making it in MCreator but I'm running out of time and I can't really make these many textures of my own quickly (1.11 is coming D: ), so I need help from a valiant guy (girl, man, kid, granpa, dog).

What that's required is:

  1.  Know how to draw a mob texture. Obvious, but what I mean is to know how to work on image of max 256x256p (so know how to shade, how to make something seems realistic etc..) *
  2. Know  how to use techne. Almost every mob needs a texture has been made by me in techne, so I need someone who knows how to work with techne (know how to import textures properly etc..)
  3. Be able to "listen". Here what I mean is to be open to critics and trying to understand what I would like the mob should look (I don't really know I've wrote it well but...) since I already have in my mind, how a mob should be.
  4. Know a bit english. Obvious this too. Since I'm NOT english (or american, or australian etc..), I guess we can only communicate with this language and if you know a little english (like me cuz I suck D:) or more, it'd be really better.

*: Unfortunatly I'm really exigent since (as I've already said) I already know how mobs should look like. So it doesn't matter if you're a great artist, if your style doesn't fit my "visualization", I won't (probably) like your work.

Said this, if you're interested, write here and post some of your works (it would be better) and if you have, your questions (I guess I'm looking like a crazy employer :D )
What I can say is that I need these mobs to look creepy/realistic, they should be able to "scare" someone during minecraft nights.

Oh, obviously you'll see your name in credits, description, "readme" files and somewhere else :D

If really interested, I'll give you more infos!

I hope some of you have some of time to help me D: Thx