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Tue, 10/25/2016 - 03:03 (edited)

So I have a mod I need specific for my 1.7.10 server which is RP and pretty expansive. I was looking to add winterpony's seasons mod, but won't simply work with my server. 

So what I am trying to do is create a mod that bridges a file checker (using mcreator) to change settings for another mod.

The mods I'll be trying to work with is Calendar mod, and biometweaker.

Basically if calendar mod reports the season as "winter" in the current world, then ZigSeasons will ask for a value which will equal to "winter" if true then ZigSeasons will overwrite the biometweaker mod config from tempature being "0.9" (warm) to "-1.0" cold. I want it to check every time the sun rises or 6:30 game time. 

I haven't found the files for calendar that would simply let me look at locale data yet, but I can mess with biometweaker easily. 

Any hints on how I can request info from an external file? And how to write a file based on true/false values?

Hoping this mod addon I'm creating will stay serverside. All it is truly trying to change is biome tempatures. 


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