TX Blocks (for intermediates)

Started by willsaber on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 01:15

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TX Blocks (for intermediates)
Mon, 05/20/2013 - 01:15

This tutorial teaches you how to make TX blocks. Tex blocks are essentially blocks that have a certain function. Other than being a block. For instance, Note Blocks are a TX block. For this tutorial, I will be assuming you already have your texture as well as a general knowledge of how to navigate MCreator. If you don't, you can view some of my other tutorials.

To start, crate a mod. Like always, for simplicity, name it after the block's concept name. Select TX Block and click OK.

A new window should appear. In the blank box, select the texture for the block. Click next.

This is where it gets slightly complicated. In the "Based On" tab, scroll through until you find the block you want it to have an effect similar to. I'm going to choose the Note Block. Set the name to whatever you want it to be ingame. Change the hardness, which is how high a tier of say... pickaxe has to be (e.i., wooden, stone, iron, etc.). I would ingor resistance for now. Change the sound on step to whatever you want it to be. Now click next.

Skip this next page unless you know how to use the coding function of MCreator. Click next.

Now set the crafting recipe and/or the smelting.

Click finish, then finish again. Wait for the mod to compile, then test.