Textures FAILURE

Started by Alexherobrine45 on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 01:16

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Textures FAILURE
Wed, 12/28/2016 - 01:16

So...I created a mod which added a new kind of dirt called "Wintrix Dirt." (This was for another dimension.) Well, I originally uploaded it as dirt.png and then when I was creating the scene for the showcase picture I noticed the regular grass and dirt looked like the Wintrix Dirt (the grass was the Wintrix Dirt with normal grass on top, so it looked super weird.) Then when I exported it to a zip I realized that the mod still has all old textures despite me changing it. (I realized this because the default Emerald and Ruby Mod thing's textures were in the textures folder.) So I deleted it from the zip, but my question is, how do I delete the old texture from MCreator itself? I found no such option inside MCreator and the folder does not seem to exist inside MCreator's folder. Neither does an AppData folder exist for MCreator. If this is impossible to fix, can you make a future update which allows you to delete item, block, and armor textures if you are not using them? (Of course, this would come with a warning stating that "Hey, this can break mods that use this texture" but the option at all would be nice.)