(Potentially) Easily fixed problems I have bumped into so far.

Started by ArloTheEpic on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 19:49

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(Potentially) Easily fixed problems I have bumped into so far.
Tue, 01/03/2017 - 19:49

Placed here, as I'm sure some of this is doable, just well hidden.
If anybody is aware of methods of doing these things, I would be happy to see them.

-Registering to oredictionary.
One would think there'd simply be a checkbox on items/blocks for oredictionary, followed by a slot to type the name.
Eg, if I made a copper ore, I could check the box, write "oreCopper" and then other mods can all use my copper as long as they've done that.

-Golem-type entities.
Is it possible to allow users to register a structure to turn into a custom mob when constructed? Possibly also with a %chance to not happen, so we can see some funny little "sometimes doors try to kill you" mods.

-Player-facing blocks.
Why isn't this the default? Beyond that, can it be done?
You know how when you rightclick with a wooden log, it faces towards you? Yes? HOW I DO?

I have yet to save a GUI without the compile failing. I'm at like 20 tries now. Pretty sure the problem isn't me at this point.

-RFapi integration
This is definitely not a thing, but RFAPI is just numbers, so it's probably not that hard to implement.

-lore on non-items.
Holding a block and having it say "Right-click on me" should not really be out of my reach. I'm really feeling more that this is missing in tools & armours though.

It'd be great to see tabula support, since techne hasn't updated since minecraft 1.6.4, and BDCraft CUBIK apperently requires my money to input more than a 1x1x1 cube at a time, making it totally unusable, and not really instilling enough confidence in me to make me want to buy it.

-Lil' guns issues
Is there a way I can maybe make my guns render like tools in the player's hand, instead of generic items? Or that I can make 'em fire AFTER being pulled back, instead of before?

Thanks and g'day!