Looking for a piece of code.

Started by TFGalvatron on Thu, 01/26/2017 - 22:46

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Looking for a piece of code.
Thu, 01/26/2017 - 22:46

About a year ago, I created a small mod for myself that added Fireflies to the game as a new mob. It was essentially just for decoration.

well, the problem is that I've since lost the original fdiles from that mod and want to re-create it.

The mod basically completely revolves around a small chunk of code that makes the mob texture glow. similarly to how Endermen eyes glow.


I need to find this piece of code in order to make the mod, but the post that showcased the code was in the Custom Codes section of the community pages.


I'd really like help finding out if ANYONE has this code. I have screenshots from the mod I created showing off the Firefly mob aswell.


If I can get the code for Glowing Mobs, I will release the mod onto this website aswell.


Thank you in advance.