Help with making weapons

Started by Emperor_Justin on Sun, 10/01/2017 - 21:13

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Help with making weapons
Sun, 10/01/2017 - 21:13

Ok so a few things i need help with. 1 how to increase the range of a weapon and damage. along with if its possible to get a weapon to turn into a block and back to item by clicking. 2. if its possible to wear armor and only when the armor is on you can right click and fire (for me it would be an energy blast i designed) an energy blast that deals damage. 3. Is it possible to make an ability that when you do a certain key and aim at a player that player is sent to a custom dimension and has to stay there for a certain amount of time or until another player kills the one who sent the player there. Lets go into detail about it. the ability name is going to be called Sealment. Player1 uses Sealment and it costs minecraft exp or eventually points i custom make in the mod. and there is a chance of hitting Player2 the one Player1 targeted. if Player2 gets hit Player2 will be sent to a pocket dimension i call "Limbo" where they stay their as long as Player1 has exp and keeping Player2 in Limbo will slowly drain Player1's exp points. when Player1 loses all exp Player2 is freed. and when Player2 is hit a bottle is summoned in block form on the ground and its called "Sealment Bottle {player2's name}" if Player1 or Player3 mines the bottle and while holding it shift right clicks the bottle will break and Player2 is summoned back. also while Player2 is sealed away he can't escape on servers by /tp /tpa /spawn /warp or any of that otherwise he will be teleported back. so i was wondering if this is all possible to do and if you have an idea of how it will work explain it to me.