New Mod Showcase ”Eraser”.

Started by Nouyoule on Sun, 08/05/2018 - 00:32

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New Mod Showcase ”Eraser”.
Sun, 08/05/2018 - 09:00 (edited)

Warning: This mod is too noisy and violent!

- This mod accept two things: Come back to the worldest wars and be a bit violent! This mod is too violent and add custom blood, and brutal mobs. This mod is a real mystery, a unknow mod, because he add strangest biomes and mobs ever! Worst, he is ones of the scariest mods ever, with weird and unhealthy noises. When I say than this mod is scary and disgusting! Go see the story and the showcase of it:

• The mod can be play only with a settings add in the world types button: Once selected, we are in a destroyed world, without quests and mobs, we continue the random path, without know what is the good path. This mod have a lot of zombies, the fans of Call of Duty will love it! Always in the search, many structures of soldiers will be add in the world, they are in a calamity: Too zombies to beating! It’s too, but, a new story have begun.

• The mod add a lot of zombies, soldiers, mobs… Even than this mod add ”yen/¥”, the japanese money, he add villagers who, with yen in the hand, run towards player. This mod mock the Japan: Easy, some americans takes advantages, add americans (heroes), the problem is than the enemies is… the japaneses! The heart of some americans is crazy! But, it’s not our work!

This mod is never released, because his reason, add villagers who are crazy of the yen, it’s worst! So, the title is dead, but, i remake this in deleting some bad moments, for you!

Soon, a new mod on MCreator, modified for respect all people in the world!

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